What to wear with black skinny jeans

When it comes to wearing black skinny trousers one thing is for sure you really need to have the body shape otherwise they can be a real discomfort and sure to tear at very unexpected and embarrassing parts. Generally the sizes which are in offer in most shop range from the 24" waist to 38" the pants even with the most of 4% Lycra can be very tight for some around the legs. Finally we are in the black skinny jeans one needs to decide on what to wear on top. The easiest question to ask is what would look nice on black? In the current trend apparently white top either a hoodie or a white with a really nice print will just do the trick. But this not how people think generally - the question really to ask is what are the celebrities wear? After all it was Moss who brought us this trend in the first place. Generally if we look across the music spectrum to film celebrities the trend is for sure hooded top clothing. Just start from the classic punk bands from the 60s and 80s when black skinny jeans was in its peak you have bands like RAMONES and today you have MCR evolving form the emo trend who love their black skinny jeans with their FRANKIE says Relax white t shirts. If you are from that crowd then you can always opt for a complementing emo hoodie top.

idea to wear on black skinny jeans

Something more elegant to wear you might ask? Well you always have the option of a blazer either again in black or have it in a washed denim to give that casual look. I would prefer the little contrast to give it that streamline. So going along with the elegant look you can always have the flat pumps or high boots which are a celebrity choice for sure. But if you have plans for a leopard, zebra or electric bolt printskinny jeans then I would certainly not suggest a blazer but a skinny fit t shirt would do just fine..! With a front print off course something not too gothic.

Ideas on tops to complement the bottom

The quickest and easiest option would be just to buy a classic ladies plain black hoodie but if you want to put that extra effort then a retro hoody top with some kind of funky design such as shutter glasses, skulls or retro cassettes. Below is what we have prepared - putting side by side different options to mix and match withskinny black jeans.

Emo fashion with a slight twist

By far the biggest crowd to buy skinny black jeans are the emo youth and believe me they know what to wear and what to look out for. Glued to their magazines they are aware of the latest brands of graphic printed t shirt to the up coming printed hoodies (I am not just talking about the classics such as BAPE hoody). Emo fashion have their own style something which makes them unique from the rest of the crowd.

emo black fashion

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