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Black Skinny Jeans £7.50 Girls and Boys Black Drainpipe Skinny Pants

We offer a great range of jeans not just in black colour but also other colours such as indigo blue skinny jeans, ash wash etc. Being a supplier we deliver to many high street retailers and online shops means you can rest assure of the consistent quality and great fitting. If you plan to buy for personal use then use the below shopping cart. If you want to buy more than 5 black skinny jeans then contact us for better rates on delivery charges. For singles use below shopping cart (the below price includes the cost of the pair with postage charge). Check out the retro red skinny jeans

black skinny jeans

Select the size and colour of the slim jeans you require from this shopping cart if you intend to buy for personal use. If you are a shop or an online retailer contact us for better rates. If you are after a specific requirement such as having something printed or embroidered on the back of the jeans then contact our sales team for more detailed information and pricing structure.

Below is the measurement chart for the slim fit jeans. If you want to buy in bulk then contact us for a better price. These slim fit jeans are ideal and have a great fitting for both sexes. When selecting the size always ensure you opt for the one size up since these are tight fitted pants. Also check out the White Skinny Jeans For Girls

skinny ranges

The material is made from soft cotton with small blend of Lycra for that added stretch. The coloured are made from a jean-twill fabric where as the washed black and indigo blue are made from the classic denim fabrication with slub-effect. These skinny pants are available in black, red and purple tartan. Check out and view What to wear with black skinny jeans and don't forget the ankle boots plus the tops for a curvy women.

Girls skinny jeans in black plus customisation

The black colour in the girls skinny jeans which we are offering has a perfect fitting. These can be further customised.When people think of custom designs they always think of t shirts, hoodies etc. What many customers do not realise that all the traditional printing approaches can also be applied to bottoms as well. While many high street fashion brands have to some extent used Diamante on Girls Skinny Tight Jeans crystals as a way to decorate pants especially on the back two pockets such as skulls, crowns but the most popular approach of printing i.e. skill screen has not caught on yet. If you want to have skinny black jeans custom printed on the back then contact us for a bespoke order (Have a look at what other customers are ordering with prints on the back). Check out the Skeleton Hands on back of skinny jeans design.

ladies skinny jeans

Skinny Pants measurement chart, Next Day delivery

As a supplier of black skinny jeans means we can offer in large quantities next day delivery stocked jeans. These tight jeans are made from 97% cotton and 3% Lycra fabric and have a great fitting. While we stock girls trousers as well as mens all year round we do have at time run out of stock but our internal ordering system is efficient to ensure the wait is not long for the arrival of the next batch of girls skinny jeans. Further when we have the item back in stock we send reminder emails to our clients. The measurements are an approximate guide but thumb rule is to buy a bigger size since they are tight jeans.

measurement chart

Delivery costing for sending out the Black Skinny Jeans within UK and Europe

Our standard rate for UK main land delivery charges is £6 for the first box in which we can fit around 35 slim fitted pants. For mainland Europe the difference is only an additional £2 depending on which country in Europe you are in. E.g To Shop to The Netherlands, Germany is only £8 per box. For other countries contact us for a more detailed price list on carriage charges.

Printing along the leg of a skinny pant

Traditionally when it comes to decorating tight jeans the trend has always been to attach the emblem or design on the back. Further more embroidery has always been the first option mainly because jeans tend to have more wear and tear than other styles of clothing, especially the abrasion which occurs on the back pocket position during sitting. In printing there is always the risk of design fading away. However the front leg position is great way to decorate the fitted jeans. Using hot peel or even classic methods such as silk screen the front position can be printed using funky retro designs or which ever design deem fit for the concerned targeted retail market.

Get a quick 3D view. Here we show a 3D view of a black skinny jeans and besides that a royal blue skinny jeans rotating. If you an idea which you might think will sell for you email the design to us for an instant quote. If you are looking to launch your own brand of jeans then why not contact us for options for 'denim branding' - Not to mention that our custom labelling service can ensure you get the perfect customised range for your shop or range.

3D skinny jeans royal blue pants moving

Purple is back so we added a new colour, the purple skinny jeans

We have had many customers asking us for purple colour to be added to our range of ladies tight jeans so we made a colour shade chart and selected the popular deep purple and added it to our collection. While we have had purple chess t shirt for some now which have been out best sellers the same colour shade was used for these trousers.

The pant is made from the same material which is light and stretchy and ideal to wear in hot weather since it is made from the soft twill fabric. This plain purple colour now complements the purple tartan skinny pants which we are currently running in our range. They are printed all over with the classic tartan pattern.

Looking to take it further? Then have these jeans custom printed or embroidered with your logo.

purple skinny jeans

Recent Client for our Tight Jeans: 'Punk Rock Store' Camden, London

We are proud to mention that PUNK ROCK STORE in Camden, a shop in London is open for trading and they have chosen to stock our brand and collection of tight jeans. Our reliable delivery and good quality denim jeans means the end customer is satisfied to shop again and again at the store.

punk shop jeans shop

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