Black Jogging Bottoms

Black Jogging Bottoms £4.50, Girls Boys Black Jog Bottoms

If you are specifically looking to a black jogging bottoms range then here we offer not just a complete collection to cover both girls and boys wear but our custom design logo service ensures you can get personalised jog bottoms in black made to your needs. Jogging pants are used in many way not just for casual indoor activities but also are ideal for outdoor sporting activity. Though they come in many different styles mainly differing in the open hem version or with elastic on the bottom opening. However recent fashion trends have demanded for a newer more fitted style of bottoms which are suited for girls or women's. So when it comes to having black colour we offer it all the styles for both men and women after all black is by far the most popular colour choice. Furthermore you can have great designs and logo printed or embroidered service on to black jogging bottoms - Ideal for any kind of school or college uniform.

full cover face

In this style we offer both the open hem version as well as the elastic on the opening ends. They are unisex and can be comfortably worn by both him and her. The fabric is made from the classic 80% cotton and 20% polyester with a slight fleece razing inside to keep any jogger warm. Either way they are comfortable worn wither for indoor or outdoor activities. Sizes come in a diverse range from small all the way up to XX-Large.

The above price includes the cost of the black jog bottom as well as VAT, delivery charge etc. For bulk orders contact us for better rates or different quantities of orders. If you want to have some kind of motif logo into the bottoms then contact us for an instant email quote.

Girls Fitting Jog Bottoms in Jet Black colour - Sweat pants £8.00 each

Yes with increased demand we are now offering the black colour in the girls fitted sweatpants. These are made from the French Terry fabric is 100% cotton which is great if you plan to extreme activity and need a truly breathable jog bottom. Sizes include XSmall - 8,Small - 10, Medium - 12, Large - 14

full cover face

The girl black jog bottoms come in a variety of sizes to fit all body shapes. Since they are made from French Terry fabric they are very light and comfortable to wear and ideal for indoor exercise activity such as football and other sports.

Delivery costing for Bulk order for Black Jog Suit

Standard next day delivery is a flat £6 in which we can fit up to 35 black jog bottoms or 20 suits (with bottoms and black sweatshirts). Delivery to any where in main land UK with online tracking information available on request. Looking for a delivery to main land Europe? We offer a great 2 day service to many uropean destinations which are competitively priced.

Custom printing or embroidery work on Jog Bottoms - What will look good on Black ground

When it comes to printing or embroidery work on black bottoms then one really need to get the colour and logo right for it stand out on the bottoms. On black colours like white, yellow show up the best but the thumb rule is anything light in shade will show up well. Having said that there are always some standard corporate logos or design which need to remain and not quite possible to alter the design. In this instance a logo with a white outline will make the design stand out on any black jogging bottom.

custom black jog bottoms

Looking for Black Jogging Shorts? Then view our range of shorts

Our range just does not include full length bottoms but for jogging many a times especially in hot weather black shorts are ideal. Our range of jogging shorts comes in variety of styles and fabric to suit all needs whether it be just for sporting activity like football or cycling. View the below images for ideas.

black jogging shorts

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